Technology to deliver impact

About Us

Skotkonung believes that web-based and mobile technologies have a critical role to play in the international development sector by driving efficiency, increasing transparency and leveraging innovation to deliver sustainable outcomes.

Founded in 2011, Skotkonung is a UK based company primarily focused on developing technology solutions to fulfil the needs of donors, international consultancies and NGOs operating in the fields of stabilisation, international development and humanitarian aid.

We are committed to globally supporting clients through effective use of technology to deliver maximum impact for their intended beneficiaries whilst ensuring accountability and value for money for donors and philanthropic funders.

Skotkonung is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Our Expertise

  • Data Capture

    Accurate and timely data enables programmes to identify needs, manage delivery and prove impact.
    SK enables rapid data capture, tailored to the project processes and in-line with the funder and implementer requirements. SK data capture methods ensure data input is quick, efficient, accurate and validated using dedicated apps running on smartphones or tablets or via web-portals, or direct server to server secure data conduits.

  • Analysis

    From small to large scale programmes, significant volumes of data are generated requiring processing and analysis, which is often a time consuming process. Analysing programme data is essential for informing and guiding project decision making. Without it, assessing programme impact rapidly within the timescales required may prove more challenging. SK has a proven track record in providing an extensive collection of tools for analysis. Project impacts and deliverables can be tracked against their specific key performance indicators, allowing stakeholders to generate informative reports and present the data to visualise project progress.

  • Visualisation

    Interpretation of programme data to rapidly respond to the needs as identified can be a time intensive task, potentially delaying decision making, and impacting project efficiency. SK provides a powerful suite of data visualisation tools, providing donors with valuable insight. The capabilities to drill down into data, through maps, dashboards, graphic tables and chart visualisation enable all systems users to see data, reports and the financial and KPI positions of a programme. This allows data to be interpreted and used to inform stakeholder decision making, project delivery and risk management.

  • Information Management

    Effectively managing large amounts of data through a controlled work-flow can be the difference between successful and difficult programme delivery. SK, both for UK and international clients, has deployed innovative technology solutions to facilitate and strengthen project activities to ensure outputs focus on maximising accountability and impact.
    Throughout all SK systems, UK and EU regulations, industry standard and UK HMG verified security processes are adhered to and implemented.

Our Clients